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Accelerated Learning Program

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The goal is to help minority families break the cycle of poverty. The Black Market Society wants to change the dynamics of the black buying power, while creating financial freedom and building generational wealth. 


The Cheat Sheets will include a collection of tips, tricks, and loopholes for success. Filled with instructional steps, information, and links to complete each task. Consultation, video and audio will also be offered for each period. 


You won’t need to search for steps to complete task like: First Time Home Buying, Investing in Real Estate, Starting a Business or Building Business Credit, etc. These Cheat Sheets will provide the necessities.  


If there’s a topic you would like a Cheat Sheet created on please don’t hesitate to let us know. Your input is greatly appreciated. Remember this is for us (T.B.M.S). 


Here at iBoost Academy it’s ok to CHEAT or repeat. We’ve done all the leg work for you. It’s time to get to it, they’ve wasted enough of our time. 


iBoost Academy Schedule 

1st Period - iBoost Business

2nd Period - iBoost Credit

3rd Period - iInvest - Real Estate 

4th Period - iConsult

5th Period Insurance

6th Period - TBA

7th Period - TBA

Image by Muzammil Soorma

The Black Market Society

Receive 15% off any Cheat Sheet, and a chance to be featured in T.B.M.S news.

Thank You!

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